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Project Objectives

IWEco’s objective is to contribute to the preservation of Caribbean ecosystems that are of global significance and the sustainability of livelihoods through the application of existing proven technologies and approaches that are appropriate for small island developing states through improved fresh and coastal water resources management, sustainable land management and sustainable forest management that also seek to enhance resilience of socio-ecological systems to the impacts of climate change.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Reduction in environmental stress at project sites in eight countries through appropriate sustainable water, land and ecosystems management interventions that account for climate change.
  • Enhanced livelihood opportunities and socio-economic co-benefits for targeted communities
  • Strengthened national and regional systems for monitoring of environmental status with respect to key international agreements.
  • Strengthened national policy and legislation for the effective management of water, land and ecosystems resources that account for climate change.
  • Strengthened capacity of national and regional institutions and other stakeholders for water, land, and ecosystems management that accounts for climate change.
  • Improved engagement and information access for practitioners and other stakeholders through targeted knowledge-sharing networks.

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