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Title of IWEco National sub-Project

Location of the Project
Location of the Project
Source: NEPA

Biodiversity Mainstreaming in Coastal Landscapes within the Negril Environmental Protection Area of Jamaica


Jamaica’s National sub-Project under IWEco focuses upon the Negril Great Morass, the second largest wetland in Jamaica and one of the largest natural coastal wetland ecosystems in the Caribbean. It supports internationally significant species, many of which are found nowhere else.


It is the largest of the eight national sub-projects in IWEco with $3,114,685 USD in funding from the Global Environment Facility, $10,343,678USD as co-financing from other sources, and an estimated $438,413 USD in government support. It has a four-year implementation period.

The Jamaica IWEco National sub-Project has four main expected results:

  • The restoration of important elements of biodiversity of the Negril Great Morass that are of national, regional and global significance;
  • The reduction in further degradation of peat resources, contributing to improved human health, water quality, air quality and ecosystem functions;
  • Improvements in the livelihoods and strengthened land use practices within local communities; and
  • Strengthened management of the Negril Environmental Protection Area.

The wide range of stakeholders involved in this project highlights the value of the biodiversity resources in terms of economic development opportunities as well as their importance for sustainable livelihoods. An essential part of the Project is the development of an integrated management/restoration plan for the Negril Environmental Protection Area during the initial stages of the project which would serve as the basis for coordinated communication and action amongst all stakeholders.

Status of Project

The Project Cooperation Agreement was signed between Jamaica and UN Environment in July 2018 and the Project was formally launched in a ceremony which took place in Negril, Westmoreland on 29th November 2018. It was well attended by project stakeholders, including representatives of the National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA) which is responsible for project implementation; the Negril Chambers of Commerce; the Water Resources Authority; the Negril Environment Protection Trust, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, and the Negril/Green Island Local Area Planning Authority in addition to local schools.

Project Objectives and Impact

Project Objectives and Impact

Jamaica National sub-Project Background

Please click here to download the Jamaica National sub-Project Background document.

Progress and updates on Jamaica’s National sub-Project

National Focal Point

Andrea Donaldson
National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)

National Project Coordinator

Loureene Jones

National Environment and planning Agency (NEPA)




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